Metal Electric  Co-operative



The Metal and Electrical-Engineering Handicraft Co-operative "ELEXMETAL" associates over 30 handicraft enterprises, located within the Gdansk Province. Our offer covers products and services in sectors specified below: 

  • tinsmithing 
  • precision mechanics 
  • electrical mechanics 
  • electronics 
  • air conditioning 
  • plastic-made products 
  • plumbing, electrical and gas installations 
  • repairs of weighing scales 

for the sea economy enterprises, agriculture, health service and the population. 

The Co-operative recommends machinery and equipment of high-technology level, including: 

- yacht outfit and rigging components, for seagoing pleasure craft 

  • deck hatch camings 
  • halyard winches 
  • terminals 
  • rigging screws 
  • shackles 

Furthermore we offer for sale an assortment of products manufactured by our Co-operative. We are to co-operation proposals particularly for the items that can be produced: 

  • on eccentric and hydraulic presses of 200t tonnage capacity 
  • manufacturing lathes, turret lathes, milling and boring machines, injection moulding presses 

Also, we are on lookout for new products to be implemented in the tinsmithing techniques. Our Co-operative is also interested in co-participation regarding the outfitting of complete objects, newly built or upgraded. 

We are pleased to recommend our special products: 

  • hand-operated spot-welding machines type for spot welding of metal sheets in the automobile industry 
  • stationary gas leak detectors, signalling the presence of explosive vapours 
  • explosion-proof torches type
  • spark-proof units, applicable in danger areas of high explosion risk (gases, vapours) 
  • magnetic water treatment systems type WCL for scale removal from water installations
  • dough kneads, for confectionery products and sifters 

ELEXMETAL Co-operative 

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